When people suffering from serious illnesses and diseases work with advocacy groups, that groups are supposed to do what their title suggests: advocate for patients. This advocacy should extend to every entity that could not have the patients’ best interests in mind, from doctors and hospitals to pharmacies and drug companies.

Perhaps the most notorious entity for not putting the patient first is the pharmaceutical companies who often put making a profit above everything else. What happens when the groups who are supposed to advocate for patients’ interests receive funding from the very companies that could be harming the patients they are supposed to protect?

Patient Advocacy Groups Funded by Pharmaceuticals

According to a recent article in MedCityNews, “At least 83 percent of the nation’s 104 largest patient advocacy groups take contributions from the drug, medical device and biotech industries.”

The problem is even worse than it appears at first. Not only are many advocacy groups taking money from big pharma, they are failing to report it. The article states that most of the advocacy groups are not reporting the money they receive from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

What’s the Problem?

The biggest problem with patient advocacy groups taking funding from pharmaceutical companies is the conflict of interest involved. The entire purpose of these advocacy groups is to represent patients’ interests before lawmakers and other important players. But if these groups are accepting money from pharmaceuticals and other medical corporations, what happens when the patients’ needs and the needs of big pharma conflict?

How can advocacy groups represent the interests of their people when they are taking money from their peoples’ opposition?

When the groups charged with protecting the rights of medical patients are taking money from big companies who often don’t have patients’ interests in mind, who is left to protect the rights of patients who have been harmed in the system?

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