Article by Mike Yonke, Brice Karsh & Clayton Whitworth featured in The Missouri Trial Attorney – Summer 2015

Entertainment television has transformed the way people think about jury duty. Shows like “CSI” have raised the bar in creating the expectation that lawyers are going to keep jurors engaged by utilizing cutting-edge visual presentations that not only inform them, but also entertain them. Plus the kicker, that it will be done fairly while abiding to the legal standard of accuracy and admissibility just like the lawyers they see on TV.

As Boston Globe columnist Sacha Pfeiffer points out in her article Courtroom Graphics Come of Cyber-Age:“New technologies-and a new willingness in legal circles to embrace them-have taken the use of visual images in the courtroom to a level unimaginable even a decade ago… The result is a slow but significant shift in the way many trial lawyers, who historically have relied largely on their verbal skills to sway juries, try cases… More litigators see high-tech graphics not as a luxury, but as a necessity.”

We call this new state of awareness “The CSI Effect,” and our goal as visual artists and your goal as a litigator is to work together in an effort to meet that expectation in a way that leaves an unforgettably informative impression on your jury. The best way to leave an unforgettable informative impression on a jury is to use visual demonstrative evidence.

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