When seeking medical care, most patients have a reasonable expectation to have their health improved, not made worse. Treatment facilities and medical instruments should be clean and disinfected to avoid the spread of preventable diseases, injuries and illnesses.

However, many hospitals are falling short of this bare minimum standard of care, and the federal government is stepping in.

According to MedCityNews, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) “has cut payments to 769 hospitals with high rates of patient injuries, for the first time counting the spread of antibiotic-resistant germs in assessing penalties.”

The article states that, “In total, hospitals will lose about $430 million, 18 percent more than they lost last year, according to an estimate from the Association of American Medical Colleges.”

Preventing the Spread of Preventable Illnesses

The spread of antibiotic-resistant germs that can cause a range of illnesses and diseases: This is a tremendous concern for the safety of patients. Especially when considering that hospital patients are already ill, with weakened immune systems, it is especially important to protect against the spread of germs that can attack these weakened systems.

The federal government has the potential to make a tremendous impact. By focusing on the kind of germ spread that is preventable with reasonable care, and by attaching significant penalties to their efforts, the government has created real incentive for hospitals to make their facilities safer.

It is Still Important to Protect Yourself

While the efforts of the CMS are important to improving the health and safety of hospital facilities, it is still important to do your part to protect yourself. As much as possible, do the research on these facilities so you are always in safer hospital environments.

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