“As I walked out of the Law School after a long day of studying, I held a dooropen for an elderly woman with her hands full. She was unusually thankful for something that every man should do for every woman. As we walked to our vehicles, we struck up a conversation about the weather, the Royals and other petty conversations that strangers talk about. I told her I was in law school and she got a surprising look on her face and said, ‘You are very polite for a future lawyer, I take back everything I ever thought about lawyers.’” – Clayton Whitworth

As many know, there is an unfortunate reputation of lawyers, shared nationally, that lawyers are solely in their profession to achieve financial success. It isn’t easy to find a lawyer who puts their clients ahead of everything else. If you are looking for a lawyer who will put your interest in front of his own, Michael Yonke is here for you.

This years Super Lawyers wrote a story about Michael Yonke and his approach to the practice of law. To read click this link. http://digital.superlawyers.com/superlawyers/mkslrs14#pg12

Michael Yonke was taught to care about his clients from his father, Albert Yonke. His father was a very successful lawyer because of his ability to put his clients interests above everything else.

“My dad was the greatest influence on my life, He taught me that people are much more important than money, and that’s how you should approach the practice of law.” -Michael Yonke

Michael Yonke is one of few lawyers that practices both civil and criminal cases. He enjoys a challenge and frequently wins cases that other lawyers refuse to take, either because they don’t think it is a good case for them or because it wouldn’t be worth their time to pursue a case worth so little money. For Yonke, he looks at it differently.

“A good lawyer is a good problem solver. A great lawyer can solve difficult and complex problems consistently. That’s Mike. He wins cases that other lawyers would turn down.” – Kevin E.J. Regan

If you are looking for a lawyer who is looking for a payday, go online and hire the first lawyer you can find. If you are looking for a lawyer who sincerely and truly cares about you and your interests, who would work endless hours to achieve justice for your and your family, call Michael Yonke.

“My clients aren’t a payday to me.They aren’t just a file. Their pain affects me, It matters to me what happens to them.” – Michael Yonke

To find out more about Michael Yonke and his law firm, Yonke Law, LLC, please visit www.yonke-law.com.