Cerebral Palsy And Birth Injury Litigation

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong brain disorder that affects thinking, motor skills and development. In many cases, cerebral palsy is a direct result of medical malpractice during birth. As a parent, there is nothing you can do to fix cerebral palsy in a child, but if it was caused by medical negligence, you can obtain compensation and justice for the wrong that has been done to your child and your family.

At Yonke Law LLC in Kansas City, we can help. With decades of experience handling all types of birth injury and other medical malpractice claims, we know how to determine the causes of cerebral palsy at birth, and we can fight to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Causes Of Cerebral Palsy

Although there are many specific factors that could lead to cerebral palsy before, during and after birth, the primary cause involves a hindrance to brain development. Usually this can be caused by broken blood vessels or lack of oxygen to a developing brain.

During birth, cerebral palsy can be caused by stress on the umbilical cord, leading to lack of oxygen and nutrients to the child during the critical point of development of the child’s brain. Another cause is head trauma during birth.

Our attorneys will find the cause, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. It matters to us what happens to you.

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