Attorneys Handling Catastrophic Railroad Accident Claims

A train rolling by at a railroad crossing where a railroad accident recently occurred. It is wise to hire a railroad accident attorney.

Trains are a common form of public transportation, and they provide motorists with an essential and affordable alternative for the morning commute and for cross-country travel. Trains are usually considered to be a safe and reliable form of travel; however, railroad accidents are the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident. If you have been hurt in a railroad accident, talk with our experienced lawyers to get the help you need.At Yonke Law LLC in Kansas City, we have decades of experience helping clients injured in railroad accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. We have a track record of successful case results for clients injured in train accidents involving carsmotorcycles and pedestrians.

We will use this experience to help you obtain the full measure of compensation available to you.

About Railroad Accidents

Railroad accidents occur when a train collides with another motor vehicle (e.g., a car, truck, motorcycle, etc.), when a train comes in contact with a pedestrian or bicyclist either at a train station or on the tracks, or when a train is derailed. Railroad accidents may be caused by:

  • Improperly marked railroad crossings
  • Lack of safety gates
  • Conductor error
  • Lack of railroad track maintenance
  • Train defect or malfunction

Whatever the cause of your accident, we will find it and we will fight for your compensation.

Train accident victims experience severe injuries including concussions, loss of limbs, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, neck and shoulder injuries, lacerations and deep cuts, fractures, internal injuries, soft tissue damage and death. Missouri railroads are regulated by federal train regulations. However, many train companies deliberately violate these regulations.

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