Helping Injured Workers Obtain Full Compensation

A Kansas City personal injury attorney discussing a third part accident claim.

No one plans to get hurt at work, but when it happens, most of us trust that there will be adequate compensation available from the workers’ compensation system and through our employers’ good will.

However, the compensation most injured workers receive from the workers’ compensation system is usually not nearly enough to truly cover their costs.

At Yonke Law LLC, our Kansas City personal injury lawyers can help. With decades of experience handling all types of work injury claims for clients in Kansas City, Missouri, our attorneys will help you find the source of compensation to make sure you get the money you need.

Third-Party Claims

At Yonke Law LLC, we represent clients in third-party liability claims. A third-party claim is a legal action arising from a work-related injury. Simply, it is a lawsuit against a third party, not the employer or anyone else at work. These claims can be product liability claims brought against suppliers of work-related tools, premises liability claims against property owners for dangerous property conditions, or other related claims.

Since the workers’ compensation system does not allow personal injury suits against employers, a third-party claim allows injured workers to get the full measure of financial compensation they need.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience protecting the rights of injured workers in third-party claims.

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