Compensation For Injuries Caused By Inadequate Security

When visiting restaurants, bars and other public places, patrons expect to be reasonably safe. However, many business owners cut corners by failing to provide adequate security on their premises. If you have suffered injuries at a public place that could have been prevented had there been proper security measures in place, get the compensation you deserve by working with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At Yonke Law LLC, we have the experience you need to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Attorneys from our firm have been handling negligent security and other premises liability claims for clients throughout the area of Kansas City, Missouri, for more than 20 years.

We understand how to obtain evidence, build a case and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. With a track record of successful cases, we know how to win for you.

We represent victims of bar fights, assaults, muggings and other forms of violence. Even when they don’t directly cause an incident that leads to serious injuries, property owners are responsible for the safety of their patrons.

Our attorneys can hold them responsible to cover the costs of any medical costs, lost wages, emotional damages and other damages you might have suffered as a result of the incident involving negligent security.

two security cameras on a cement wall.

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