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Power lines carry a tremendous amount of voltage and can cause serious injuries if people come in contact with that level of voltage. However, power line injury claims are far from straightforward. If you have suffered injuries due to a power line or lost a loved one by electrocution, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you navigate this complicated path.

At Yonke Law LLC in Kansas City, our premises liability lawyer can help you. We have built a wealth of experience over the past 20 years handling a range of premises liability claims, including electrical injuries and wrongful death by electrocution caused by power lines.

Our lawyers know how to handle these cases, and we are committed to helping you through every step of the process of obtaining full compensation.

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Types Of Electrical Injuries Due to Negligence

The definition of electrical injuries is important when it comes to making a claim for a power line injury. There is an important distinction between electric shock, electrical injury and electrocution and electrical injury.

  • Electrical shock simply refers to the process of electricity flowing through your body. The fact you experienced a shock does not necessarily mean you suffered an electrical injury.
  • An electrical injury occurs when there is recognizable damage from the electricity. For example, this could be burns or other wounds that result from the shock. It could also be broken bones suffered from a fall following the shock.
  • Finally, electrocution causing death by electricity.

Electrocution & Electrical Injury Claim Value

Again, it is important to note that electrocution is not considered an injury. Uncomfortable it may be, but it is not an injury recognized under the law. However, electrocution can cause severe and recognizable injuries. The extensiveness of the injuries will largely determine the value of your claim. The more debilitating the injury is, the higher the value of your claim.

Your own negligence may come into play as well. If you were injured by a product because you were misusing it, the value of your claim is likely to go down significantly. Of course, this is true with any negligence claim.

What Do You Need?

You need to be organized. Gather all documentation that supports your claim, like your medical records, bills, evidence of lost wages, etc. Having all of this information in hand will help you prove the value of your claim, and it will enable the process, as a whole, to move much more swiftly.

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