Wrongful death is the kind of death that occurs due to negligence or wrongful action of a person that leads to the death of another. To the surviving family members, this is the most traumatic experience any relative experiences once it occurs.

This situation can be so challenging to comprehend and come to terms with. Moreover, it can be costly because of the financial stress and strains that occur after that. You cannot manage this alone, hence our Kansas City wrongful death lawyers are here to provide a solution and hold your hand to the end.

Once this action happens, it is essential for surviving immediate family members to seek compensation for the damages, which are financial and emotional. Have you experienced this? At our Kansas City personal injury law firm, a solution will be provided for you.

Sad elderly man visiting a tombstone in the rain. If you’ve lost a loved one due to negligence, our Kansas City wrongful death lawyers are ready to help you.

Common Accidents and Wrongful Death Cases

Our wrongful death lawyer in Kansas City handles several cases which include,

  • Medical malpractice occurs due to failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of conditions, as well as errors when conducting surgery and treating conditions.
  • Accidents at work, for example, if an employer has put an employee in a dangerous situation that causes death.
  • Products that are defective such as poisonous food, faulty pharmaceutical products, and unsafe automobiles
  • Car accidents caused by reckless driving, over-speeding, or being influenced by alcohol when driving.
  • Semi-truck accidents occur due to the truck carrying an oversized load, driving while it has mechanical problems or when the driver is fatigued, etc.
  • Serious birth injuries caused by carelessness.
  • Pedestrian accidents, which in most cases are caused by the driver’s negligence.
  • Aviation accidents, which can occur due to mechanical issues or pilot errors.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

We want our clients to experience the relief that often comes from winning a lawsuit case. At Yonke Law, our Kansas City wrongful death lawyers have a repeated history of quality, delivery, and experience winning cases.

We help our clients submit their claims and file a lawsuit that showcases these elements that must be proven for your case in order for you to be compensated. This is why you need a skilled Kansas City wrongful death attorney. Some elements of a wrongful death case include, but are not limited to: 

Negligence – death was caused by carelessness, recklessness, or negligent actions of the defending party.

Breach of duty – the defendant owed a duty to the victim.

Causation – show how death was caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Damages – quantifiable damages must have been generated by the death of the deceased.

Determining the Damages

To determine the damages caused by wrongful death, two things have to be considered. One is damages that occurred from the time the act of negligence occurred, causing the death of the deceased to the time of the deceased’s death. These damages expenses might include the deceased’s expenses incurred while undergoing medication, lost wages, and physical, as well as mental suffering and pain without overlooking burial and funeral expenses.

The second factor to consider is the loss experienced by immediate family members. Winning the case helps compensate them for the financial losses they will experience due to the death of their loved one. The value is determined by how much money they would have earned if their loved one was still alive.

At Yonke Law, you will have legal representation dedicated to helping you get the recoveries you deserve.

Filing Claims

The process involved in filing claims includes:

  • Preparation for litigation – This is whereby your lawyer will need to complete these tasks in order to prepare for filing a suit. First, setting up the Estate of the deceased, which must be done in the court of the country the deceased was living in. Second, an investigation into the cause of death, and third, identification and notifying responsible parties of what caused the death of the deceased and the intent of the attorney to file a lawsuit.
  • Settling and negotiation, whereby the party responsible tries to settle the matter out of court. If it does not come out successfully, then the matter must be resolved in court.
  • Filing the claim. This must be done if the negation did not work out.
  • Litigation. This will involve the phase of discovery, interrogations, and documentation as requested, among others. You will go through pre-trial, trial, and arbitration in this stage. If no settlement is made, litigation will continue until the trial is finished. 

This process of filing claims is very cumbersome and difficult for people who are not lawyers. If not handled properly, some cases can even take years. Therefore, it is very important to speak with an experienced law firm for high-profile lawsuits.

Our Wrongful Death Lawyers in Kansas City Get the Compensation, You Deserve

For you to be compensated for your claim of wrongful death, the claim must be successfully proven. Compensation may include medical bills before the death of the deceased, future income loss, and funeral expenses, as well as other non-economic damages.

For a wrongful death case that occurred as a result of recklessness such as drunk driving, punitive damages are awarded to discipline defendants for their misconduct and also to prevent such behavior in the future.

A spouse, minor children, and parents to minor children are the categories of individuals that can be compensated for the lost companionship, emotional trauma, and loss of relationship with their loved one.

For you to get the compensation you deserve, you need a qualified Kansas City wrongful death attorney to assist you to go through the process; please reach out to us for assistance with your case. 

How a Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You

We are a law firm that is dedicated to our clients. With resources, expertise, and the skills needed for your case to be successful. 

We have the ability to weigh all the losses you have incurred and helped you reach a fair settlement. We do not only deal with the person at fault but also with insurance companies. We want to make the process as easy for you as possible. 

We do our very best to investigate the truth behind the cause of wrongful death and collect enough information in order to identify who is liable. You can be sure that the data we collect is done with great care and consideration.

We welcome you to visit our office in Kansas City. If you know someone who has been a victim or affected by wrongful death, please contact us today. Remember, the first consultation is free!