Compensation If You Have Been Hit By A Drunk Driver

A cop assessing an accident caused by a drunk driver. A drunk driving accident attorney can help obtain compensation you deserve.

In this day and age, there is simply no excuse for drunk driving. Everyone knows the laws in this regard, and everyone knows the consequences of their actions. When a driver chooses to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it puts everyone else’s life in danger.If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed by a drunk driver, you should not have to shoulder the financial burden. You deserve to be compensated, and justice demands that the other driver be held accountable. You need aggressive representation from the attorneys of Yonke Law LLC.At Yonke Law LLC, we have been serving people injured in the area of Kansas City, Missouri, for more than 20 years. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys will use that experience to help you understand your rights and options, provide you with compassionate representation and fight to obtain you the maximum compensation award available under the law.

It matters to us what happens to you. Especially in drunk driving accidents that result in injury or death of a child, we know that you are going through an extremely difficult time. We will fight for you.

In most drunk driving accident cases, there is ample evidence of causation. Usually we can get evidence of excessive drinking, including evidence from the criminal DUI case. Whatever it takes to build a winning case for you, our lawyers will find it.

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