Compensation For Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle that has been in an accident with a car. The family should contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City.

Many motorists do not safely share the road with motorcyclists. Motorists view motorcyclists as reckless and dangerous. However, motorcycle accidents are typically not caused by the person operating the motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by the person who did not see the motorcycle coming.

If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, talk with an attorney from our firm. At Yonke Law LLC, we have more than 20 years handling motorcycle accident and other auto accident claims in Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

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The Consequences Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in the injury or death of an accident victim than any other type of motor vehicle accident. The injury or death of a motorcyclist involved in a motorcycle accident is almost certain.

Injury and death resulting from a motorcycle accident are caused by the fact that the motorcyclist has little to no protection when operating a motorcycle. Missouri law mandates that a motorcyclist wear a helmet at all times when operating a motorcycle. However, it is not uncommon for a motorcyclist to suffer brain injury, loss of limbs, organ damage, paralysis and death as a result of a motorcycle accident despite wearing a helmet.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

After a serious motorcycle accident, do not try to handle your case alone and do not accept a settlement offer from the insurance company.

Offers from insurance companies in cases like this almost never adequately cover the full costs of medical bills and other damages involved. Let our lawyers represent you with the insurance companies. We will protect your interests and do everything possible to get you the full compensation award available.

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