Experienced Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney Handling 18-Wheeler Accidents In Missouri

Trucks are essential to the economy because they carry goods to be sold throughout Missouri and across state lines. It is almost impossible to drive on any highway or major roadway in Missouri without passing by a truck on the road. However, due to the vast size and heavy weight of semi trucks, accidents involving 18-wheelers are among the worst kind of motor vehicle accident.

At Yonke Law LLC, our Kansas City truck accident attorneys have handled numerous truck accident and other motor vehicle accident claims over our history of more than 20 years. Our case results show that we know how to win even the most catastrophic auto accident claims and come out on top.

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Commercial truck stuck on the side of a snowy road. If you’ve been injured by a commercial vehicle, the Kansas City truck accident attorney at Yonke Law are prepared to fight for you.

Determining The Causes Of Kansas City Truck Accidents

Although truck drivers undergo training and licensure requirements intended to prevent accidents, truck drivers often fail to practice safe driving techniques. This can ultimately result in significant injuries and death to unsuspecting motorists who are involved in a collision with a semi-truck. Common factors that contribute to truck accidents are:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Drug use
  • Excessive speed for conditions
  • Unfamiliarity with the road
  • Lack of road surveillance
  • Pressure from the carrier to complete a truck route within an allotted time

This pressure that drivers experience to cover great distances in short time leads to frequent violations of trucking regulations and logbooks.

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The Complexities of Truck Accidents

Commercial truck tipped on its side under an overpass. Our truck accident attorney in Kansas City knows how to fight for those injured by commercial trucks.

Truck accidents are more complex than other motor vehicle accidents because they typically involve multiple parties, including the truck driver, truck owner, company leasing the tractor-trailer, etc. Semi-trucks are usually owned by large companies with a team of insurance adjusters and lawyers who will work hard to make you liable for the accident even if the accident is not your fault. In some cases, the companies will have several corporate entities set up that will make it difficult for you to bring a claim against a company for damages without the help of an attorney.

Do not talk with the insurance company or the trucking company involved without talking to a Kansas City personal injury lawyer first. You could lose your right to full compensation in your case.

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