Attorney Charlie Regan of Yonke Law, LLC in Kansas City, MO recently had the opportunity to speak at the Rockhurst High School Freshman Retreat. As former alumni, Charlie met with several freshman who are currently in their first year at Rockhurst. This was a very special moment for Charlie. It gave him an opportunity to reflect on the myriad of ways in which Rockhurst has impacted his life. It gave him time to reflect on the brotherhood that he joined 17 years ago.

“My time at Rockhurst taught me that I have the ability to overcome any challenge with planning and discipline. I learned how to work as a team player in all aspects of life. Most importantly though, Rockhurst taught me about the importance of being a “Man for others”. “Men for others” is a mantra recited regularly at Rockhurst. This means that our life should be driven by helping others in need. This is something that I reflect on daily, both in my personal life and in my career as a professional Attorney. I ask myself the same question every morning; “What am I doing today to help others?” This focus has given me a positive approach to each day, focusing on making our Kansas City community a better place.”

Charlie concluded that he has also observed his own parents living their own lives with this same approach. And that his parents have been tremendous role models for service to him and to others. He is now and will be forever grateful for this gift and the many others gleaned during his time at Rockhurst High School.

Charlie Regan Honored By The Kansas Bar Association For Pro Bono Work

On June 15th, 2018, Yonke Law attorney Charles Regan received a Pro Bono Certificate of Appreciation by the Kansas Bar Association for his ongoing charitable contributions in serving the less fortunate with free legal services. Each year, the KBA presents a number of awards during their annual meeting to worthy nominees from throughout the state of Kansas. Charlie was one of only six recipients to receive this special certificate of recognition this year.

To be eligible, recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Lawyers who are not employed full time by an organization that has as its primary purpose the provision of free legal services to the poor;
  • Lawyers who, with no expectation of receiving a fee, have provided direct delivery of legal services in civil or criminal matters to a client or client group that does not have the resources to employ compensated counsel;
  • Lawyers who have made a voluntary contribution of a significant portion of time to providing legal services to the poor without charge; and/or
  • Lawyers whose voluntary contributions have resulted in increased access to legal services on the part of low- and moderate-income persons.

At Yonke Law, we strive to impact where we live and work in positive and meaningful ways. We do this in part by donating our time and our resources to help others in need. Charlie Regan exemplifies what it means to give charitably out of the goodness of one’s heart. Those of us that work with Charlie every day are proud to see him get recognized for his selfless actions. Way to go, Charlie!

More information can be found on the KBA website.