With winter in full swing, slip and fall injuries will become more prevalent as ice and snow continue to build up. The cold weather combined with regular precipitation can cause icy spots even on a regularly cleared area. Most slip and falls in the winter occur on:

  • Icy walkways: Walkways, especially under roofs can pose a slip and fall danger throughout the winter months as snow and ice that melts from the heat on the roof can drip onto the walkway and refreeze forming slippery spots.
  • Potholes and low lying areas in parking lots: When snow and ice are melted throughout the season from salting and plowing, the water can accumulate in low areas or areas where there are cracks and holes in parking lots causing this area to freeze and become extremely slippery during temperature drops.
  • Stairways and steps: While stairs and steps can pose a slip and fall danger even during normal conditions, they pose a more significant problem during winter months as they are harder to clear and tend to freeze faster than areas warmed by the ground.
  • Black ice: One of the most dangerous areas during the winter months are spots of black ice. These areas usually form in parking lots and roadways where a clear coat of ice has formed that’s transparent to sight.

What are typical slip and fall injuries?

While slip and fall injuries can vary depending on what part of the body you land on and how hard the surface you hit, some of the most commonly reported injuries with slip and falls are:

  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Contusions, bruises, and cuts
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Shoulder Injuries

How to avoid slip and falls in the winter

While slip and fall injuries can be hard to avoid in times of heavy snow and cold temperatures there are things you can do to reduce your chance of being injured. When walking on surfaces that may be slick make sure you:

  • Are wearing slip-resistant footwear
  • Walk deliberately and pay attention to where your stepping
  • Avoid carrying any unnecessary items
  • Avoid distractions such as being on your phone
  • Take care when exiting and entering your vehicle

Premise liability in slip and fall cases

Premise liability means that the property owners or managing companies are responsible for injuries that occur on their property if they have been negligent in providing safe conditions. In the winter this can mean failure to clear ice and snow in a reasonable time to ensure that those who utilize their property will not be subject to a slip and fall injury.

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